Top Improvements Made to Rental Property by Tenants in 2024

Top Improvements Made to Rental Property by Tenants in 2024

A staggering 44 million US households are renting, and tenants should feel at home in their properties. Unfortunately, this isn't always the case, and this is when making changes to their houses can make a massive difference.

But what are the top improvements made to rental property by tenant occupiers? By getting a better idea of enhancements others have made, you can make your home into your personal oasis.

That's why we'll look at what you need to do before making upgrades, and the types of revisions that could improve your home.

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Approval to Make Rental Property Improvements

Before making any changes to your rental home, it's essential to gain approval from your landlord. There will almost certainly be clauses in your lease agreement stating that you cannot make amendments without their permission.

If you were to go ahead without your landlord's approval, there could be severe consequences. This could include being made to revert the property to its original condition at your own cost. A landlord could even be within their rights to evict you.

When asking for permission, ask your landlord to sign a written agreement. This can help protect both parties' interests.

Painting Interior and Exterior Walls

One of the first items on a tenant improvements checklist is often painting the walls. This is a simple job and can be easy on the bank balance. You may prefer to start with the interior of your rental home, as this is where you'll spend most of your time.

Think of the colors that will make you feel cozy, and paint at your leisure, watching your rooms slowly become more welcoming. When you're happy with the appearance of the inside of your house, you can move on to painting the exterior.

However, this can be a bigger job, and you might want to hire a professional contractor, especially if you don't like working at heights.

Putting Up Shelving

Another simple method for improving rental spaces is to install shelving. This can add to your storage space and give you somewhere to display personal items such as photographs.

Decide how many shelving units you need for each room and plan where they would be most useful. This could include having a shelf near your bed so you can keep your phone and a bottle of water nearby at night. Or, you might have books that you'd like to display on a shelf in your living room.

If you're going to drill into walls, remember to check what's behind them so you don't hit pipes or electrical wires. Of course, you can also buy shelves that you can put up using adhesives so you don't have to use a drill.

Upgrading the Security Features

Adding a security system is one of the most useful tenant renovation tips if you don't feel completely safe in your rental property. Installing cameras can deter would-be burglars, and provide evidence should vandals cause damage to your property. This could help you avoid a dispute with your landlord over who is liable for the cost of repairs.

A security system can also give you peace of mind should you go on vacation and leave your property empty. As many systems allow you to view the images from your cameras on a smart device, you can keep an eye on your possessions even when you're not at home.

Changing the Appliances

A fun way of enhancing rental properties is to buy modern appliances. A key benefit is that if they are not permanently installed, you can take them with you when you leave

For example, you could invest in a new television and sound system. Although you can fit them on the walls of your rental property, they will be easy to remove when the time comes to move to a new location.

You can also use light bulbs that you can control from your phone, and kitchen appliances such as a toaster oven that connects to your smart devices. These small touches can make your daily home life more convenient.

Investing in Solar Panels

Although it's one of the more expensive rental property upgrades, you may not want to rule out investing in solar panels. Having to pay an upfront fee and ongoing installments can be daunting, but if you plan to stay in a rental property for many years to come, the reductions in your energy bills may justify the expense.

It's best to speak to a solar panel installer who can advise you on potential savings. This will mean you have all the information you need before making such a big decision.

Backyard Improvements Made to Rental Property by Tenant Occupiers

Improving your backyard can be especially pleasing if you enjoy spending time outdoors. You can replace dead grass to bring a lush green color back to your lawn and install an automatic sprinkler system to keep it well-watered. Planting flowers can make your backyard look more attractive, and adding shrubs could add extra privacy, making it easier to relax in peace.

Should you have space, building a patio area can be a terrific enhancement. You can then make this into an area where you can soak up the sun, or use it as a dining area.

If you're looking for less permanent options, putting up outdoor lights means you'll be able to sit outside on warm nights in a well-lit environment. This can add to the ambiance of your backyard without costing too much money.

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These top improvements made to rental property by tenant occupiers can boost a property's value. They can also keep renters happy, which could mean they're more likely to renew their leases, providing landlords with a steady income source.

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